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Genesis Strategic Solutions International, Ltd/LLC is a unique consortium of international consultants specializing in the dynamic and innovative Israeli marketplace.

Our vision is to connect international businessmen, who want to do business with Israel, to market opportunities in Israel. This would include buying into privately-held Israeli businesses with unique and innovative products and technologies.  Also, marketing and distributing Israeli products or securing licenses for Israeli technologies to implement them in other countries.

The influx of new immigrants into Israel has increased the population by over 20% in the past fifteen years. Most of these immigrants are educated, innovative and talented, and have combined their expertise with veteran Israelis to create a dynamic R&D pool that is bringing new products and technologies to the world marketplace.

In the current world economic environment, Israel is one of the most stable economies with a strong currency and strict banking practices that will insure it remains a good place to conduct business.  One US businessman suggested that Israel is an “economic Noah’s ark.”

Our seasoned team provides:

To Israeli Business: We can provide the following services:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive business and/or marketing penetration plan written for your dynamic Israeli company or new product(s).
  2. Locate investor options including private placement and venture capitalist contacts.
  3. Provide management consultation and/or management oversight to insure successful development and distribution of your product(s).
  4. Locate overseas distribution networks for your product(s) and/ or technologies.

To the Potential Investor: Israel is a unique market, with the highest R&D per capita than any country in the world. The immigration of highly educated and well-trained individuals has brought together great minds from over 100 nations whose synergistic approach has created innovative products that have changed the world. Such products as the cell phone, Pentium chips, Internet chat and video, drip irrigation, and a host of other agricultural, medical, security, and high tech technologies are on the forefront in the international marketplace. Many outside of Israel want to invest in new Israeli start-ups, but how can this be done with confidence? We can provide the following services:

  1. Provide a list of potential Israeli companies and innovative products seeking investment which match your interests.
  2. Provide due diligence on dynamic Israeli start-ups, products, technologies and other international projects guided by Israelis.
  3. Connect you to these companies so that investment or contractual terms can be negotiated.
  4. Provide post-investment services to monitor the company and provide you with periodic reports.
  5. Conduct personal meetings to represent you and your interests, and be "your agent" in Israel, acting on your behalf.

To the Overseas Distributor/ Marketer: Most savvy businessmen and women in the world marketplace have heard of the dynamic and innovative products developed in Israel and offered to the world. Many of you sell one or more types of products in your markets and would benefit from adding Israeli-made or licensed products and technologies to your mix. These opportunities could potentially increase your market share because of the cutting-edge features of Israeli products or technologies. Product sales will benefit the investor, as well as the Israeli company, with whom you are partnering. We can provide services to:

  1. Provide due diligence on specific Israeli products or technologies that would fit your product line(s).
  2. Connect you with the Israeli company and help negotiate terms for you to market their product or technology through your distribution channels.
  3. Monitor the shipping of the product(s) to be sure all is done according to your contract.
  4. Monitor the engaged company, as well as seek out new product(s) or technologies and provide periodic reports.
  5. Conduct personal meetings to represent you and your interests, and be "your agent" in Israel, acting on your behalf.


Depending on the package of services ordered, we will quote to you an estimated monthly fee based on anticipated hours of work. Our rate is $125 per hour and includes all postage, phone and fax charges, and mileage. This does not include charges for outside professional legal and CPA fees, whose charges will be passed on as an "additional charge," or airfare, accommodation and a per diem for requested overseas travel on your behalf. A retainer is required to cover the estimated hours, with the monthly billing showing the number of hours used from the retainer plus any additional charges.

To receive a quote, please click on the “Contact Us” button in the left-hand margin and send us your details so that we can contact you to prepare a proposal for you.  Please send a short synopsis of what services you are looking for.


Clarence Wagner is an American with over 30 years of experience in Israel.  He co-founded and developed a Jerusalem-based, Christian, international educational and relief organization with offices on six continents, where he raised over $100 million for relief projects to the most needy in Israeli society. He has written numerous books, hundreds of articles, delivered thousands of lectures, radio interviews and television appearances to bring current news and insights from Israel. With B.S. degrees in Investments and Marketing, a Masters in Business Administration and as a doctorial candidate at Oxford, at the encouragement of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) in 2005, Clarence Wagner founded and currently is the CEO of Genesis Strategic Solutions International, Ltd/LLC.  GSSI brings investment and business partnerships to the Israeli marketplace, boosting the economy and providing jobs to Israelis and new immigrants as they return to their ancient homeland. 

Through GSSI, Mr. Wagner has brought millions of dollars of investment in Israeli new start-ups, as well as providing advice, counsel and strategic planning to Israeli companies seeking to expand their markets overseas. He is not only familiar with the Israeli system, but knows the culture, and the potential for the sale of Israeli products and technologies in nations from N. America to Asia, South America to Europe, and Africa to the FSU.  He provides an interface between Israel and the world to be sure the needs of the investor or product/technology distributor is monitored, as well as the strategic marketing goals of the Israeli product of technology in world markets. By connecting unique Israeli products and technologies to well-established Christian businesses overseas who can used their already established distribution networks, Mr. Wagner helps increase the market of Israel companies, which increases jobs in Israel.



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